Testimonials – KENTAMED RF-B

Testimonial by Dr. Arman Hristamian, MD – surgeon in gynecologic oncology
The radiofrequency device KENTAMED RF-B could almost fully replace a conventional electrosurgical unit used in onco-gynecological surgery. When opening the abdominal wall the unit performs gentle cuts with excellent hemostasis. At the same time in bipolar modes of operation, using a forceps the radiofrequency device perfectly removes connective tissue and bladder tissue, especially in cases of radical hysterectomy. Hemostasis in bipolar modes is also excellent. Conization is also very easy and safe with the radiofrequency device, of course only for patients that are eligible for such procedure. Until the moment post-operative complications have not been observed.


Testimonial by Dr. Atanas Matev, MD – proctologist
KENTAMED RF-B is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit that definitely has its place in proctology. I find the Bipolar Cutting mode extremely useful. In this mode when using a bipolar forceps with thin branches, the unit cuts very effectively through well-vascularized tissue with adequate coagulation, but without any carbonization. Another important and noticeable characteristic of the device is its soft and gentle coagulation. KENTAMED RF-B has a variety of distinguishable operating modes, that allows the operator to use it as a conventional electrosurgical unit for heavy cutting and carbonizing (sparking) coagulation.


Testimonial by Dr. Nikolay Georgiev, MD – plastic surgeon
KENTAMED RF-B is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit with excellent characteristics that is competitive with the most popular brand names of its class. Actually, in my opinion, KENTAMED RF-B has some advantages compared to the most popular models. The unit has a great variety of operating modes that makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. As a plastic surgeon I am very pleased with the performance of the unit and with no reservations I would recommend it to my colleagues. I would also like to point out the excellent technical support offered by the manufacturer. All in all, with KENTAMED RF-B a surgeon can work safely and up to the highest standards


Testimonial by Dr.Asen Asenov, MD and Dr. Angel Bojilov, MD – ENT (ORL) specialists
KENTAMED RF-B is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit that could be very helpful in the ENT practice. The bipolar coagulation provides very effective volume reduction of soft tissue in the throat and in the nasal cavity when treating obstructive sleep apnea. The device also provides a great variety of different modes of cutting and coagulation that allow the unit to be used as a conventional electrosurgical unit with powerful cutting and sparking coagulation. KENTAMED RF-B is very suitable for tonsillectomy, because of the reduced risk of postoperative hemorrhage, which sometimes appears to be a serious issue in our practice.


Testimonial by Dr.Milen Kostadinov – veterinarian
It is extremely easy to perform flawless veterinary surgical procedures with KENTAMED RF-B. The machine provides excellent coagulation of large blood vessels. It also works very well in water environment. The unit coagulates very well at relatively low power setting without any carbonization. In monopolar mode cutting is performed with ease. I would strongly recommend this unit to anyone who practices small animal veterinary medicine.